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            Yantai crushing hammer factory to teach you how to use the hammer correctly

            點擊次數:   更新時間:19/07/04 15:20:07     煙臺華拓工程機械有限公司
            We are a professional yantai crushing hammer manufacturers, many customers in the use, because the method is wrong, resulting in crushing hammer often failure, and seriously affect the service life of the product, we take you to learn: the correct use of the hammer.

            1. Carefully read the operation manual of the crushing hammer, master the correct operation method, prevent damage to the crushing hammer and the excavating machine, and operate them efficiently and safely.

            2. Before operation, check whether the bolts and connector are loose and whether there is leakage in the hydraulic pipeline.

            3, yantai crushing hammer manufacturers remind everyone, do not use the crushing hammer in the hard rock pecking hole, not in the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder under the full extension or full shrinkage of the operation of the crushing machine.

            4 must put the dredge smoothly, so as to reduce the shaking of the dredge as much as possible, so as to improve the accuracy of the hammer.

            5, when the hammer hit a stone to think about the next target, and find a good hammer surface

            6, when the hydraulic hose appears intense vibration, should stop the operation of the crusher, and check the accumulator pressure.

            7. Prevent interference between the moving arm of the excavator and the drill bit of the crusher, and do not immerse the crusher in water.

            8. The crusher shall not be used as lifting appliance, and the crusher shall not be operated on the side of the digging machine tire.

            The above is yantai broken hammer manufacturers introduced the correct method of use, in use, but also according to the use of the appropriate model of products, this can effectively reduce the occurrence of failure!

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