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            Correct operation of head crushing hammer

            點擊次數:   更新時間:19/08/16 16:21:08     煙臺華拓工程機械有限公司
            If the gun head crushing hammer is not operated properly, the striking force will not be fully exerted. At the same time, the striking force of the crushing hammer will be countershock to the body of the crushing hammer, the guard plate and the operating arm of the engineering machine itself, etc., the correct operating direction and appropriate operating speed should be selected when the crushing hammer works.

            1. Correct operation direction

            When the gun head crushing hammer is broken, please make sure that the direction of the rod's force is perpendicular to the surface of the striking object, and keep it as long as possible. If it is inclined to the striking surface, the drill rod may slide away from the surface, in which case, the drill rod will be damaged and affect the piston. In the case of crushing, please select the appropriate strike point, and confirm that the rod is really stable, then strike.

            2. Appropriate operating speed

            After selecting the correct operating direction, it is necessary to select the appropriate engine speed, at the appropriate engine speed for the crushing operation. Generally, the engine is improperly increased to speed beyond the speed required for the work, and does not increase the intensity of the strike force; On the contrary, it will cause the temperature of the hydraulic oil to rise rapidly, resulting in the loss of the lubrication ability and working ability and damage to the piston and valve danger.

            Therefore, when we use the gun head crushing hammer, we must follow the correct operation steps to reduce the damage to the crushing hammer, but also to improve the work efficiency, extend its service life.

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